Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Comictheatertage 2

... Comic, Krieg und High Heels. Es muß ja nicht immer alles einen Zusammenhang haben... So jedenfalls sah die Ausstellung aus. Mein Comic kann man hier im ganzen lesen.

(better ) English translation of the comic ( than before) : (thanx to Claudi !)
Title: I just wanted to fly!
1st panel: During the Second World war our grandpa was an aviator in Italy, but he only ever told us one and the same anecdote about this time: " ... and then I was sitting in the hairdresser's chair ..."
2nd panel: ... and the hairdresser asked me in Italian: "Vuole riccioli?"
3t panel:... and he waved the curling iron at me.
4t panel:I shook my head and said clearly:" No! No!"
5t panel: I didn't know that shaking your head meant "Yes".
6t panel: We always laughed heartily about the punch line. But one day we asked: " Are there any more stories of the war?" " No."
7t panel: A little bit later he started to cry and said: "All I wanted was to fly." Our mother told us to better stop asking questions now. So I only know this story.